Secret Santa and AirlinePros – Happiness for a cause

A laudable effort to spread warmth and happiness this season among the less fortunate among us.

Twists and turns, and most of them unexpected, seem to have become a norm of the times we live in. Lending it some much-needed relief – and joy, even – are some time-tested diversions which have almost become a tradition. Like the Secret Santa, for one.

Secret Santa undoubtedly adds to the cheer of the holiday season. The game has become an almost indispensable part of our celebratory cultures over the years. What began as a western tradition has steadily spread across the world through its sheer potential to bring happiness and cohesiveness among the participants. Families, coworkers, children, friends, almost everyone we know, will have at least one round of it before the holidays are over. The surprise and the smile, the cheer and the bonding it brings are something to look forward to. This year, AirlinePros, a global leader in airline representation, has upped the game by taking it out of their offices and into the local communities.

“Our offices are happy spaces, and our partners a warm lot,” says Achma Asokan, President and CEO of AirlinePros. “This is why we decided to extend our annual Secret Santa to include the communities we work in.” The company, which has offices in 30 countries, has longlisted over 25 charities including autism and mental health to hunger, homelessness and environment conservation. “Our partners can choose any charity of their choice – a cause that is close to them, one they are associated with or anyone doing meaningful work in their area and AirlinePros will make a donation via Secret Santa,” Asokan explained how it worked at the global meeting held virtually which was attended by AirlinePros partners from around the globe.

Achma Asokan and Manikandan Janardhanan of AirlinePros with Dr VP Gangadharan, one of India’s leading pediatric oncologists, who also helms the Cochin Cancer Society.

In India, AirlinePros and the Cochin Cancer Society, founded by Dr VP Gangadharan, a globally renowned oncologist, will work together to spread cheer among children who are suffering from cancer as well as to rehabilitate those who have come out of the ordeal. “For us, there are no ‘survivors’ but only ‘winners’,” said Dr Gangadharan about the good work the society was doing. “We work closely with corporates to bring every possible help – not just treatment but also food and shelter – for patients as well as their bystanders.”

“This is the first time we are doing something like this, and we are quite excited,” says Linzi Barber, President, AirlinePros International. “I am sure this will go a long way in fostering our culture of good citizenship and local ownership.”

Needless to say, this will also definitely ensure a lot more people are going to be smiling this holiday season.

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