Arrival of E190 for Hunnu Air

Recently Mongolia celebrated their 94th anniversary of Civil Aviation and on this festive occasion, Hunnu Air received its special delivery of Embraer-190.

The new E190 aircraft successfully landed in Ulaanbaatar this past Friday at 9:20 am local time at Chinggis Khaan international airport in Buyant-Ukhaa, Mongolia. Hunnu Air started Embraer190 demo flights from yesterday and the very first flight has been conducted to Oyu Tolgoi airport. The ground handling and engineering instructors introduced the new type of aircraft to ground handling staff and airport Fire fighting division.

Since 2016, Hunnu Air has continuously renewed its fleet and the next E190 will be delivered in 2020. The fleet expansion effort will benefit the country’s tourism and transportation development by adding more scheduled flights and serving more customers.

Embraer-190 is the optimal aircraft for regional flights. It can speed up to – 870 km/h with a capacity of 98 passengers and flight range of 4.537кm.

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