How Overall Air Travel Will Change in 2017

There is good and bad news in the predictions of air travel for 2017.
In terms of the types of airline tickets predicted to grow, airlines should first expect a rise in ticket purchases for basic economy seats.  Secondly, they should be aware of the “premium economy” seating many major airlines are now offering.
Low-cost, long-haul airlines will rise in popularity, many of which offer highly competitive pricing on popular routes such as New York to Paris.  The growth of these smaller airlines will bring a new level of overall competition in the market.  Additionally, the introduction of more fuel efficient aircrafts, such as the Airbus A350 will enable airlines to offer more competitive pricing with the same profit margins.
Flyers in any class will now experience a heightened level of comfort when flying in newer aircrafts models that provide a lower pressurization level.  This includes aircrafts such as the A350.
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