TUI fly

TUI fly has positioned itself as a convenient solution for corporate or leisure travellers in Europe who are looking for a quick flight (holiday package or car rental) at reasonable prices. Together, TUI fly Netherlands & Belgium fly from airports in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Morocco to more than 100 destinations.

TUI fly is a brand name under the TUI Airlines Belgium company, part of the TUI Group, which is the largest tourism group in the world. TUI has a fleet of more than 150 aircraft, and additional aircraft are rented in peak season.

The brand’s route network features a staggering mix of international routes and interesting leisure destinations. Choose from Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Cyprus, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Montenegro, Romania, Albania, Cape Verde, Finland, the Dominican Republic, Gambia, Kosovo, Algeria, or the Netherlands.

TUI fly also offers optional ancillary services, such as cancellation insurance and travel and assistance insurance. Airport transfers are also available in certain territories.

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