Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines services spectacular leisure destinations and important historical, ecological and diving locations across 900+ islands and atolls in the South Pacific known as the Solomon Islands. There are also several international routings, including a direct service to Brisbane, three hours away.

Through Solomon Airlines’ network and various interline agreements, travellers can reach the Solomons, also knowns as ‘The Happy Islets’, via Honiara International Airport from Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan, Singapore, the USA, New Zealand and France.

Solomon Airlines is a partner in a domestic tourism stimulus programme – Iumi Tugeda Holidays – the biggest campaign of its kind in the Solomons, with three- to seven-night accommodation packages and flights at significantly reduced rates.

Because of an interline agreement with Qantas, travellers can also choose to combine Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart and Cairns to their itinerary, travelling via Brisbane to Honiara on one ticket with through-checked baggage.

Solomon Airlines’ loyalty club, Belama Club, provides additional benefits, from extra baggage to priority check-in.

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