Air Rarotonga

The South Pacific Cook Islands are ideal for travellers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of other major tropical destinations. There is spectacular diving and friendly locals in abundance. Inter-island is also easy with Air Roratonga, which operates a fleet of small Embraer and Cessna aircraft.
The airline also operates military services with suggestions about accommodation packages and day trips on the airline’s website,

Popular Cook Islands include Manihiki, one of the most remote in the area, and Pukapuka, which is also known as ‘Danger Island’ for its rocky outer rim. Pukapuka has “one of the most beautiful atoll forests in the Pacific”.

New Zealand citizens are free to live and work in the Cook Islands due to strong political ties. A codeshare agreement with Air New Zealand and Air Tahiti is also in place for a seamless travel experience.

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