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Savor authentic South Indian cuisine in this city that is home to a delightfully enthusiastic people, Urban villages co-exist with cosmopolitan neighborhoods to mesmerize you.
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An image of Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata, INDIA


A daily celebration of human existence, this is a city that you 'feel' rather than visit. The intellectual, artistic and cultural capital of India, it is friendlier than other metropolises.
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If you need an introduction to India, this is it. Victorian-era buildings greet you as you step into the City of Dreams to explore interesting bazaars and hidden temples.
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New Delhi

This colorful, cacophonous metropolis pulsates with the ceaseless rhythms of mankind like few other cities on Earth. Delhi is deeply steeped in history, but brims with modern life.
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The Old City of Hyderabad is one of India's most evocative ancient quarters. It is steeped in history, packed with people, and bustling with trade.
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