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It is time for open skies in Africa

A sum up note on the 54th annual general assembly and summit of African Airlines Association held in Dakar, Senegal, from December 11th to 13th 2022. Also, a brief history of the movement towards opening up African skies, the progress and growing relevance. By Thommen Jose, Head of Communication, AirlinePros. The Centre International de Conferences […]
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Regional meets for global leadership

Our annual regional meetings started off with the Americas and Caribbean in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last month after a break caused by the pandemic. Equally an exercise in cohesiveness and creation of value, these are also necessary to ensure our growing global network access to resources, capabilities, products, solutions and leadership, writes Achma Asokan-Foster, CEO, […]
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The importance of communicating fares according to EveryMundo

EveryMundo is a Miami-based technology company providing digital marketing software to over 90 customers globally including airlines, hotels, vacation package agents, event producers and ground transportation helping them increase their direct online sales and drive customer acquisition. Their Fare Marketing products enable airlines to communicate their lowest products to travelers and drive them to pages […]
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TAAG – Of good tidings and challenges

Interview with Eduardo Fairen Soria, CEO, and Lisa Mota-Pinto McNally, CCO, TAAG Angola Airlines. By James Foster, Chairman, AirlinePros  Brazil is an important market for TAAG – the airline flies from Sao Paulo to Luanda three times a week currently and has excellent onward connections to several destinations throughout Africa in addition to Lisbon and […]
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‘Flying is not the enemy but carbon’

Climate change is not round the corner, it is here already. The Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that aviation contributes to around 3 per cent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions. Though there is no concrete evidence, it is also possible that non-CO2 emissions by aircrafts at high altitudes too […]
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‘Tap Into Every Silver Lining’

Interview with Vinu Baby, CEO, AirlinePros Shared Services An aviation industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience with leading airlines, Vinu is both a team player and a team builder, a consummate professional and a dedicated family man. He opens up about the need to be more agile in these rapidly evolving times and the […]
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Air Astana – 20 Years of Outstanding Performance

Our esteemed client, Air Astana, celebrates record passenger numbers and efficiency on milestone anniversary. On 15th May 2022, Air Astana celebrated the 20th anniversary of its first commercial flight from Almaty to Nur-Sultan. The airline is proud of the significant progress achieved since those early days, having maintained its independence, and never calling upon external […]
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