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Where have all the people gone? Or, the rise of tech in travel.

Traveling after a long hiatus Yuko Imai, Regional Managing Partner, AirlinePros Japan, found the increasing absence of people at various contact points in airports both interesting and intriguing. It led her to think aloud about people-free technologies – already there and on the way. During my three-year break from international trips – enforced, of course, […]
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The Anatomy of an Interview

Some people musings and airline facts along the sidelines of ‘From the flight deck’ interview in AirWaves, our international newsletter. By James Foster, Chairman, AirlinePros.  I traveled to Brazil to interview Eduardo Fairen Soria and Lisa Mota-Pinto McNally, the Chief Executive and Chief Commercial Officer respectively of TAAG – Angola’s national airline – in Salvador, […]
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Air Travel Trends – From Pandemic to Endemic

According to a recent MasterCard study, for the first time since the pandemic began in March 2020, business flight bookings have actually exceeded 2019 levels (the number of flight bookings made by business travelers in April 2022 versus the same period in 2019) and leisure travelers in April of this year are within 7% of […]
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