Xiamen Airlines Launches New Routes to South East Asia from Branch Bases

MF_SEAStarting in January, China’s fifth largest carrier Xiamen Airlines will launch three new routes to popular South East Asia holiday destinations as follows:
MF8661/ MF8662 (operate on 1/3/5)    HGH-KLO-HGH    13:40-17:10/ 18:10-21:30
MF8001/ MF8002 (operate daily)           PEK-BKI-PEK        06:40-12:15/ 19:00-00:10+1
MF8687/ MF8688 (operate on 3/5/7)    FOC-KLO-FOC      15:15-18:10/ 19:10-22:00
 Xiamen Airlines operates 350 domestic plus 60 international and regional routes, flying 30 Million passengers a year. Xiamen Airlines was voted ‘China’s Best Airline’ in passenger surveys, conducted by China’s Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation (CAPSE) for four consecutive years, and has also earned numerous awards for flight safety.

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