Hunnu Air launches EMB190 flight to Erlian on 13 June 2019

At 12:25 pm of 13 June 2019, Hunnu Air’s first EMB190 aircraft landed in Erlian Airport smoothly. This flight is significant to Hunnu Air and Erlian Airport as it is Mongolia’s first regional jet flight on the Ulaanbaatar – Erlian international route.
Erlian, in Chinese, is short for Erenhot.
The EMB190 aircraft of Hunnu Air  has a cabin layout of 92 Economy Class and 6 First Class seats. Compared with the former ATR72 passenger aircraft of Hunnu Air, the number of seats has increased by 26, and the inflight comfort experience is better. The advantage on flight speed is obvious, and the one-way duration of the Erlian-Ulaanbaatar flight has shortened from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. At the same time of aircraft optimization, the ticket discount is even larger. One-way ticket after discount is 41.50 Singapore Dollars, which does not include tax.
It is also known that, due to Erlian’s proximity to the Mongolia border, the Ulaanbaatar international route has become one of the important international passenger routes of Erlian Airport. The airport has provided inbound and outbound services for 66,921 passengers from Ulaanbaatar for nearly two years. The average passenger load factor is 65 per cent.
In 2019, as the key year for the long-term open acceptance of the first-class connectivity of Erlian Airport, the addition of the EMB190 jet passenger aircraft on the Ulaanbaatar route will further enhance the transportation capacity of international routes and improve the operational quality of the routes.
Next, along with the advent of the summer holiday season in China, Erlian Airport will further optimize the connections between Ulaanbaatar flights and flights from Beijing, Hohhot and Tongliao, and match the flight intermodal policy to provide more transit opportunities for Chinese and foreign passengers to enter and leave Mongolia via Erlian.