Proflight Zambia Puts High-Flying Motocross Rider on Track for Durban

Proflight Zambia headerMotocross champion Jenna Bohling took the sports to new levels recently, when she represented Zambia in the South African League National Championship in Durban – thanks to the support from Zambia’s flagship carrier Proflight Zambia.
The airline sponsored Jenna Bohling with flights to Durban, where she participated in the competitive South African League National Championship. Jenna recently won the Zambian Motocross competition, and then went head to head on track against Africa’s best women in the Motocross competition in Durban.
Jenna flew with Proflight Zambia to Durban on July 20, 2017, on a direct flight from Lusaka. Jenna, her father and trainer connected on to Pietermaritzburg from Durban, where the competition was being held.
“We are proud to support and sponsor Jenna Bohling. Our very own Zambian Motocross Rider was participating in the third round of the South African League National Championship. Proflight is sponsoring her with return flights to Durban, as well as four other additional flights on our domestic routes,” said Proflight Zambia’s Director of Government and Industry Affairs Captain Phillip Lemba.
Jenna lives in Ndola though she goes to school in Solwezi at Trident College boarding school. “I am an 11th grade student under the Cambridge system,” she said. But what intrigued Jenna to join the Motocross Riding sport?
“I have two older brothers, who were riding. As a very young girl I went to the tracks and watched them ride. One day I said to them I want to do this myself, and started bike-riding when I was three years old, and from that time on I have found the Motocross Riding experience so much fun.”
With steady growth and consistent training in the sport, Jenna has been a professional Motocross rider for a few years now. “This year, I have focused more on pursuing my motocross riding career at a high level in the sporting competitions. Moto-crossing is what I have been wanting to do, and I don’t see myself trading it for any other sport,” she said.
Jenna is almost finished with school, only two years left until she will go to college and study medicine to become a doctor. In the meantime, she continues with her Motocross career alongside her academic vocation. She added: “Proflight Zambia has always been extremely supportive throughout my Motocross career.” This time, Proflight came further to support Jenna, as she competed in the South African League Nationals in Pietermaritzburg, “I am so grateful to the airline for this wonderful and kind gesture.”
Proflight Zambia flies to Durban three times a week using its 50-seater CRJ-100 aircraft. The flight takes just two hours and 30 minutes, and schedules are arranged so that passengers can travel on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.