Proflight Zambia Aims for Greater Heights by Developing Employee Skills

Zambia’s leading airline, Proflight (PO), is aiming to take advantage of the government’s strides in developing the country’s aviation infrastructure through capacity building – the development and strengthening of human and institutional resources.
All Proflight departments have been undergoing intensive International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited training, which reinforces the airline’s mission statement, reliability, safety, compliance, hospitality, proficiency, and efficiency.
Upon completing two weeks of IATA Training with 20 other Proflight colleagues, Proflight Zambia’s Director of Government and Industry Affairs, Captain Philip Lemba, said the training’s main focus was to ensure that the airline is ahead of the game.
“The goal of the training is to reiterate that Proflight remains a diversification partner through the transportation of cargo and passengers to and from various destinations locally and abroad, with strict compliance to IATA guidelines,” he explained. “As an airline, all our departments and staff stationed at all airports are required to undergo training on a regular basis.”
Capt Lemba further stated that Proflight Zambia is to maintain a high-quality standard of aviation practice, as good service has the potential to boost investment and tourism.