Obtaining Visa for Mongolia is Getting Easier

The Mongolia Immigration Agency has just started issuing an electronic visa permit to the foreign nationals. In this regard, we have interviewed Mr. Turkhuu, Officer of the Visa and Citizenship Department of the Mongolia Immigration Agency to highlight the service.
It is understood that the electronic service of issuing the private invitation and visa permit is now accessible. Please give us detailed information about the service?
The Mongolia Immigration Agency has been functioning under the purpose of applying “e-Immigration” service since 2017. The main functions of the agency are the issuance of a visa, visa permit, residence permit, registration and control of foreign nationals, and enforcement and resolution of the violations occurred. The agency introduces step by step actions towards applying advanced information technology to implement timely and citizen-centered service. Furthermore, the Government of Mongolia has announced 2019 as the “Year of citizen-centered state service”. Within this framework, our organization has commenced providing electronic service of visa permits. “Visa permit” means the permit granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Mongolia Immigration Agency to the diplomatic missions of Mongolia abroad and the border checkpoints to issue a visa to foreign nationals. The Mongolia Immigration Agency has just begun to electronically receive the application of visa permits of the temporary visitors 31-90 days’ visa and multiple entry 30 days’ visa issued at Mongolian diplomatic and consular missions, and all types of visa permits issued at the international border checkpoints of Mongolia.
How will the customers of the Mongolia Immigration Agency apply for the e-service? Also, how many days will it take to receive the response?
It is possible to get the electronic service by visiting and registering at the “E-VISA” webpage which locates at the upper right site of Mongolia Immigration Agency’s official website – immigration.gov.mn. When a registered user reads the instruction and enters the required application documents to the system, Mongolia Immigration Agency officers accept the application. If the electronically sent documents are complete, the visa officers will send the visa permit via e-mail or message in 3 working days.
What are the concerns when applying for e-visa permit?
At first, it is recommended to thoroughly read the steps on how to apply for the electronic visa permit before completing the application. The immigration officer of the border checkpoint may refuse to grant a visa to foreign national with visa permit based on the interview as determining the foreigner has different purpose of entry and visa application information. Therefore, individuals and representatives of the organizations applying for the visa permit on behalf of the foreign national must be responsible and provide accurate information. There are several grounds for refusing to grant visas. For example, if the foreign national was punished for violation set forth in Article 16.2 of the “Law on Violation” one month before, fails to determine the purpose of visiting Mongolia, has not brought necessary documents, has compiled the fraudulent document, has false statement, fails to complete the application form fully and so on.
How do you see the advantages and benefits of the e-service?
The advanced technology and electronic services have a more significant benefit to simplify any service. The global community takes advantage of high-speed internet and technological advances. In this sense, we are introducing state service which conforms with the international standards and needs of our customers. Previously, our customers used to arrive at the Mongolia Immigration Agency twice for one application to bring application documents at first and obtain the result at second. But now, it is possible to get an application result without even coming.
In summary, getting a visa to Mongolia just got a lot easier! Keep in mind US citizens don’t require a visa to enter Mongolia and allowed to stay for 90 days.  
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